from greek : Pantheion
(dedicated to all Gods)

Rome: Celestogramme du Pantheon, par Wolfgang Wackernagel - 'Celestogram' of the Pantheon
Rom: Die Himmelscheibe des Pantheion - Roma: Celestogrammo del Pantheon. Amor Roma.
2000 years of oeucumenism. All Gods - All Religions - Cult of the Transcendental Sun & Sky
Paradoxically, the solar cult is said to stand at the origin of polytheism and monotheism.

« Deus est sphaera infinita, cuius centrum est ubique, circumferentia nusquam. »
(Liber XXIV Philosophorum - Livre des 24 Philosophes - 24 Philosophers - 24 Philosophen)


A spirit of eucumenism. Build in 25 BC by Agrippa, closest friend to Augustus - emperor and as such, Pontifex Maximus, even considered son of Zeus Deus i.e. Jupiter or Jove - parallel to Jehovah Iahve Yahweh YHWH - l'etre supreme. The twelve Gods - twelve houses of the sky - the Zodiac in astrology - later the twelve disciples of Christ - and all other Gods. Struck by lighgtning an build again by Hadrian - references: Pergamon, Erythrai, Antiocheia, Antiochos Kommagene, Epiphanes, Tauros Adiyaman : Nemrud Dagh (Nemrut Daghi) - apanton koinon theon - Maiandros, Alexandreia, Alexandrie, Alexandria, Berenike, Kallimachos - La chevelure de Berenice. Der Allgott - Allvater - Alfathir - pantheia - theioi pantes.

The roman Pantheon as seen from the outside (from an old circa 1900 postcard).
Plundered, neglected, yet spared in the Christian era : in 1626, Urban VIII melted its bronze columns
to make canons, as well as the bronze Bernini canopy above the pontifical high altar of Saint Peter (1624-1633).